Harley and Milo

Our two Doberman Pinschers, Harley & Milo, have been visiting Bark n' Fly Dog Daycare & Boarding almost since they opened, and we have been extremely satisfied with the care provided by Norm & Tasha and the rest of the staff. Milo needs to run and play (probably ALL day!?) and the large fenced enclosure at Bark n' Fly provides more than enough room for him to do just that with all of his doggy friends. Harley, on the other hand, is 10 now and more laid back - he prefers a little bit of play and then lots of naps and belly rubs... The staff have come to know the boys' individual needs and tailor their days there to suit each of them perfectly. When our car slows to turn into the driveway at Bark n' Fly the boys go absolutely crazy with excitement, and they greet the staff there like family! At the end of each visit, whether for a day or a week, the boys come home well cared for, happy, very tired! and raring to go back next time! Thank you all for your wonderful care of our 2 furry kids!

- Tara and Shawn Liddicoat