We have been bringing our dog Dezi to Bark n' Fly for over a year now and will continue to do so whenever we visit Kelowna. Dezi has just loved it from day one. She runs in tail wagging and comes home content and tired after a playful day of running free with other dogs. You have a magical way of keeping the dogs socializing happily, playfully and calmly together. So impressive and so very reassuring when leaving our dear Dezi either for the day or overnight. Thank you so much, it seems no matter how busy you are you always find a way to accommodate our schedule, making our visits away from home stress free for both us and Dezi. Your facility is beyond FIVE STAR and we would recommend you to any pet owner who wants to give their pet a safe and fun stay away from home. Doesn't get any better than this. The wiggly tail says it all.

- Doug, Julie and Dezidog